And great ingredients come from the roots. We value honest food and knowing where it comes from. We pride ourselves in serving the best from the island and within the region, whether it’s homegrown in our back gardens or fresh morning catches from the Pellwormer Fischereiflotte (Pellworm’s very own fishing fleet). With a blend of tradition and ingenious creativity – experience a nautical culinary adventure beyond your palate.

Every year our gardens produce vegetables and herbs, bringing a variety of seasonal surprises for us to savor. Our meat is carefully sourced within the region, offering a wide selection from Wagyu or Calloway, beef, lamb and chicken. Essentially our dishes speak for themselves.


Created by sailing enthusiasts, Marlis and Momme von Holdt, Schipperhus is a unique find on the island of Pellworm. It’s ideal location in central Tammensiel and warm-hearted hospitality, makes this a beloved returning hub amongst islanders, visitors and friends. Enter a maritime world filled with rustic charm and laid-back flair. A true vision of a sailor’s ambience.