We, Jan Ole, Kai and Tom, the owners, have been bound to the sea for many years and closely linked to the high and low tides of the ocean. With the Schipperhus, they were able to make a dream come true. After 8 months of re-developments, new accents have finally been created in Tammensiel. Our goal is to offer guests, local inhabitants and friends a variety of culinary experiences as well as surprise them with our carefully selected drinks in the northern mudflats.


Sjaan is the mastermind in the kitchen. She’s ambitious, enriched and has highly praised experience from her time at Trific in Hamburg. As she embarks on her journey together with Lena, she will create innovative, traditional dishes including vegetarian and vegan options. Additionally, she’s very excited to work together with the people of Pellworm to fulfil regional favourites.


Sven is our multitasker and support system for technical and structural development surrounding the Schipperhus and Seegatten (holiday rentals). His background lies in the build and production of heat- and ventilation systems. Furthermore he specialised in welding and worked as a deckhand on a fishing boat. His interests are endless just like his commitment as our facility manager. A loyal local, also known as the Brad Pitt of Pellworm.


Known for her nordic charm and fantastic service in the Schipperhus, Laura will start to engage in other projects starting April 2017. Her new journey will involve vacation home rentals for Seegatten, where she can follow her interests, inspiration and creativity. She is very warm-hearted, open-minded and friendly with all those around her – the guests will be very fond of her.


As a qualified housekeeper, Tolke ensures that when the kitchen is hustling and bustling, the atmosphere remains calm and organised. She provides great support to the kitchen team with her vast experience and sovereignty. Additionally, she takes enormous care of our newly planted vegetable garden. Without exaggeration, behind-the-scenes it can be said that she is the kind soul.


Nicole is our baker, she takes care of the sweet delights at Tea Time. She ensures that there is something delicious for everyone. Whether it’s the classic cheesecake, seasonal specials such as the Rhubarb Baiser cake and other innovative creations like the Schipperhus Guiness cake. Yes, there’s Guiness inside! With this and more, Nicole surprises the guests with these delicacies.

Of course, we shall not forget our helping hands that always support us throughout high season.

Welcome to our Schipperhus Pellworm!